Fundamental Movements

The Fundamentals will give you the foundations to start your CrossFit journey. These session will allow us to assess your current ability and fitness level and therefore allow us to prescribe you with exercises suited to your  current level to get the most out of your training!

Fundamentals are 4 x 45min, 1 on 1 sessions, that consist of mobility, strength/technique and a WOD. These sessions will cover basic functional movements patterns that are transferable to other movements of CrossFit and your daily life!

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CrossFit WODs

A CrossFit WOD "Workout Of the Day" combines many fitness components including strength, speed, agility and flexibility into a high intensity strength and conditioning workout.

Using evidenced based programs there is a level for everyone from the beginner to the advanced. Southbridge CrossFit classes will be the most fun you’ll ever have getting in the best shape of your life.



RFit sessions are a fun way to get fit, these classes are another avenue to get ready for our main classes,they are designed for beginners with a big focus on the skills you need for CrossFit while still challenging you!

These sessions do not require you to do the fundamentals course.

RFit sessions run weekdays from 10:00am to 11:00am, Wednesday 4pm - 5pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm to 5pm and 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Southbridge CrossFit.

Personal Training

Personal Training

If you prefer one-on-one attention, or need additional instruction to get you up to speed before joining our group classes, Personal Training is for you.

Personal training sessions at Southbridge CrossFit are a great way to GET RESULTS whether you’re a working mum, a time poor executive, somebody who needs to lose weight or an athlete looking to excel. One-to-one sessions are a great way to practice a specific skill or hone in on your technique once a week, in addition to group training.

Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness

Kids Fitness "Junior Pigeons" is a health and fitness program designed specifically for kids aged 6-12 years. The program focuses on teaching kids how to move efficiently and safely, while also being fun and challenging.

The programs runs Mondays during school terms at 4pm and 4:30pm. Children develop a better understanding of their bodies and movement, learning to be more competent in the 10 general physical skills all adults and kids need to thrive in life and in sport.



We are excited to bring Yoga to Southbridge CrossFit! This class is for all levels from beginners to the experienced, and can be modified to suit everyone and anyone’s needs. These classes will help you for more energised, improve mobility and flexibility, improve concentration and help bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

A regular Saturday yoga class is run from 9am to 10am. The classes are free to Southbridge CrossFit members. Contact us for a casual visit price.

Why people like us?

Join a friendly community of support and encouragement to reach your fitness goals.

01. Supportive Community

Our coaches are  committed to our members and you'll be welcomed to the SBCF family.

02. Challenging Workouts

Personalised program and coaching in every workout. WODs scale to suit your ability.

03. Improved Fitness

CrossFit WODs quickly improves your overall fitness. Lose weight, gain strength and feel great.

04. Personal Growth

Discover a great way to have fun and feel supported while getting in the best shape of your life.